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A spacious and modern home that suits a growing family’s lifestyle perfectly.

Seamless Expansion


Our project had two primary objectives guiding the design process:

  1. Expand the size of the existing renovated home.
  2. Seamlessly integrate a new five-bedroom house with the existing building.

The property already featured a farmhouse, but with a growing family, there was a need for more space. The vision was to incorporate the previously renovated farmhouse into the design of a new, spacious five-bedroom home.


Leveraging our expertise as registered licensed builders, we embarked on designing a new home that met the family’s needs while seamlessly integrating with the existing structure. The design harmoniously blends the new and existing parts of the home, optimizing surrounding views and harnessing natural warmth from the northern winter sun.

The outcome is a spacious, modern home that perfectly suits the lifestyle of the growing family.