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Crafting a family haven in an old orchard, our design seamlessly merges tradition and modern living.

A Symmetrical Orchard Haven

The Task: Cultivating Tradition

Our mission was to create a haven for a young professional family within a beautiful old orchard. Nestled on a site surrounded by nature, the house is meticulously designed to optimize panoramic views while sheltering against prevailing winds. This rural home seamlessly harmonizes with the character, style, and landscape of its idyllic surroundings.

Key Objectives:

  1. Traditional Style: Crafted with a traditional weatherboard gable style, the home is divided into three pavilions to enhance symmetry.
  2. Protection from the Elements: Thoughtfully positioned to capture views to the South, the design incorporates two outdoor spaces—one to the north and one to the south—to adapt to varying weather conditions.
  3. Family-Centric Living: Tailored to the needs of a growing family, the home features functional and inviting living spaces.
  4. Orchard Preservation: With a focus on family needs, easy access to a large pantry ensures the preservation of orchard fruits. Abundant storage, an inbuilt fridge, and a well-organized mudroom entrance from the garage further enhance the family’s lifestyle.

The Result: Symmetry, Tradition, Orchard Views, and Seamless Connectivity

As the house unfolds into three wings, the central living hub gracefully divides the bedroom wing and the garage-mudroom-lounge wing. Meticulously designed with the same width, each wing becomes a symmetrical masterpiece.

The living, kitchen, and dining areas embody a design theme of symmetry, enhancing both the visual appeal and functionality of the space. Large windows and sliding doors thoughtfully placed in the central living area capture panoramic views of the enchanting old orchard. This intentional design element seamlessly connects the indoor living space with the natural surroundings.

Traditional high-pitched gable ends contribute to the timeless aesthetic, while a central entry featuring stonework serves as a nod to the natural landscape, harmoniously tying the home to its surroundings.

Convenient access to the pantry, strategically connected to the orchard, ensures practicality and ease, facilitating a smooth transition from the garage, laundry, and mudrooms.

Year-Round Outdoor Living: The home provides two outdoor living spaces, thoughtfully designed with large sliding doors. The symmetrical wings not only enhance the overall aesthetic but also serve to provide protection to the outdoor areas, allowing the family to enjoy the spaces year-round while staying shielded from the elements.

This rural retreat seamlessly integrates symmetry, tradition, and thoughtful design, providing a haven for a growing family within the embrace of an old orchard.