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Initial client briefing

Our services are all about you. We may have some great ideas about how a new home or renovation should look, but ultimately it needs to suit your own tastes and lifestyle. That’s why consultation is a big part of our process.

Every project begins with an initial client briefing, where we discuss your overall requirements. This is where we develop a comprehensive client brief capturing your overall vision of the finished products. The client brief serves as the basis for our design work, to ensure we’re meeting your needs from the very start.

We find on some two storey extensions or renovations it is useful if a feasibility stage is undertaken to make sure that what our client wants is even possible before we start the full design process. This stage includes preliminary plans, existing structure and footing research, and in-depth consultation with engineers.

Concept stage

Next is the concept stage, and this is another area we consider to be extremely crucial to the overall project. When building our concept, we invest the time into creating 3D images and video of the proposed project. It’s important to note that the concept drawings and 3D images aren’t the design – merely the overall concept from which we’ll work to design your home or building.

This step is so important because it ensures we align our future designs with your individual requirements and wishes. Essentially, it’s all about making sure we’re all on the same page when we get to the design stage. We keep you involved in this process, because we never move on to the design until you’re completely happy with our initial concept.

Design development stage

Once you are completely happy with our concept images and drawings, we get down to the design development stage. Since we already have the basic concept of the building, this stage is all about refining everything in more detail. As we fine-tune your design, we can adjust minor details to make the building more efficient to construct – without sacrificing the overall look and feel. This can end up saving you thousands of dollars, and it’s where our vast building background really helps.

During this stage, we can also engage qualified, trusted engineers and conduct soil tests if necessary. As we develop our plans, we seek your feedback to ensure we incorporate everything you want in the finished design.

Completion/working drawing stage

Taking into consideration all of your feedback and the information provided throughout the design stage, we now progress to the completion stage. This is where we form a comprehensive set of plans that your builder can use to seek a building permit. Again, our knowledge of building and construction, as well as council regulations gives you an additional benefit at this point. Before completion of the plans, we ensure that you’re completely happy with the finished product, and even the smallest details are considered.